Eric Watson has been a proud “LIFE-LONG” Republican in his private life and throughout his years as an elected official!

Eric firmly believes in the Constitution’s fundamental principles: limited government, separation of powers, individual liberties, and the rule of law. The primary role of government is to protect the God-given inalienable rights of its citizens.

He has long supported and voted for Republican candidates and ballot issues alike.


Eric Watson is a Lawman, with 27 years of proven law enforcement experience, including 21 years with the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office in operations, supervision, and court security.As a lawman, Eric has made literally hundreds of felony arrests. He has been in charge of a number of Warrant Round-ups in Bradley County, and participated in the United States Marshall’s Round-up for the surrounding area. Not only has he helped bring dangerous fugitives to justice, he conceived, organized and executed a highly successful Warrant Round-up of sexual offenders and dead-beat parents.

Eric Watson is a Certified Handgun Instructor and graduate of the Tennessee Sheriff’s School, the Tennessee Law Enforcement Academy, and the U.S. Marshal Service Academy. He received professional certificates from UT Martin and UT Knoxville and holds a Masters Degree from Andersonville Theological Seminary. Eric also graduated from the first class of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s State Academy, where he served as Class President.

Throughout his career, Eric has regularly maintained and updated his education with dozens of law enforcement and public safety classes, leadership training seminars, and emergency management in-services.

While with the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office, Eric rose to the rank of Captain and later was elected Sheriff in 2014.

As Bradley County Sheriff, Eric implemented regular visits and safety checks for seniors, where deputies and volunteers routinely visit elderly residents living alone or in isolated areas of the county, in addition to senior citizens facing Alzheimers.

Eric reintroduced the proven anti-drug programs for school children, such as D.A.R.E. and the Explorer programs, which help prepare young people to become responsible, productive adults.

As Sheriff, Eric also implemented a Victim Services Unit at the BCSO, staffed with personnel who help victims, survivors, and their loved ones work through a crisis or crime.

During his first four years, Eric has accomplished monumental milestones to include record-setting solvability rates for reported crime and criminal arrests that were published in the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s annual Crime Report, participated in countless community events, and hosted numerous trainings to help churches and non-profit / civic organizations to remain safe.


Eric Watson is a Statesman, who distinguished himself with five terms in the State House of Representatives for Tennessee’s 22nd District. He believes in common sense government; that is, less government and more personal responsibility. While serving in the legislature, Eric Watson helped craft bills that cut taxes for Tennesseans, attacked crime head-on and grew businesses in his district and across the state.

As a State Representative, Eric managed budgets in excess of 4 billion dollars and served on numerous regulatory committees. He was appointed Chair of the powerful House Criminal Justice Committee, served as Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, Co-Chair of the National Conference of State Legislators, was a member of the Law & Criminal Justice Standing Committee, and the Tennessee Criminal Justice Coordinating Council.

Eric Watson has also been invited to the White House on two occasions to help plan and implement state and national law enforcement strategies, including the National Drug Control Strategy and as a delegate to combat Human Sex Trafficking. 


Eric Watson is a Family Man, born and raised in Bradley County and educated in county schools. Eric and his wife attend First Baptist Church. He believes in, and holds to, the conservative values of East Tennesseans and has fought to preserve and protect those values throughout his professional career.

Being from a close-knit family, Eric cares about people. He has worked with all levels of Government, church, schools and community leaders, to create programs that will benefit young and old.

Eric Watson has continued his fight against forcing seniors to get a doctor’s prescription in order to buy cold medicine. He has called the idea “bad public policy” that puts another financial burden on the ones who can least afford it: the working poor, the unemployed, and senior citizens.

For the youngsters, Eric co-sponsored the “School Security Act,” which was selected by the news team of the Cleveland Daily Banner that was included in their Top 10 stories for 2013. This pro-active legislation is designed to protect students, teachers and staff in our public schools, and neutralize the threat of school violence.

Eric developed and coordinates the successful “Coats for the Cold” program, which is in its 17th year. This worthy endeavor has provided over 10,000 winter coats for children in need in Bradley, Polk and Meigs counties.