It has been an honor to serve in the capacity of Sheriff in Bradley County for the past four years. Employees at the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office and I have worked hard to provide excellent law enforcement services to this community while also achieving my campaign promises;

  • Less Supervisors in the Office and more Deputies on the Street
  • Reduced Response Time
  • Reinstated the Senior Visitation Program
  • Established the Alzheimer’s Registry and Visitation Program
  • Reinstated the DARE program back into elementary schools
  • Created an Explorer Program
  • Brought Back the BCSO Citizen’s Academy
  • Record Sitting Crime Solving and Most Arrests in BCSO History

While my first term as Sheriff yielded so many outstanding accomplishments, this could not have been possible without the support of the employees from the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office. The over 300 employees and volunteers, despite the pressures of the job and challenges presented daily, were dedicated public servants to this community.

I have come to the realization that serving as an elected official is not for the weak at heart. Sadly, that realization is that any elected official is subject to vicious attacks by political opponents and those who have personal agendas. Throughout the onslaught of falsities and half-truths I continued to faithfully serve this community as the Sheriff of Bradley County.

I cannot thank the community enough for the support shown to the sheriff’s office – its employees, and my role as the Sheriff. I could not be more proud yet humbled to be the Sheriff of the finest law enforcement agency in the country. Over the past four years I have been extremely blessed by this community and the family of the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office.

As the Republican Primary approaches, I solicit your vote of confidence to ensure that the Cleveland / Bradley County community continues to have conservative Christian values. Being a “LIFE-LONG REPUBLICAN” is something that I’m proud of and will never change. When casting your vote, rest assured that  “ERIC WATSON” is a “TRUE REPUBLICAN” with “CONSERVATIVE VALUES”.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and learn more about what was accomplished in my first term and what my goals and vision are for the next 4 years.


Your Sheriff,